Deciding on a baby name can be difficult and many parents agonize over this decision which will affect their child for the rest of their lives. And they should. Research has shown that some names make individuals more likely to be hired, more likely to have their name remembered, more likely to be liked, more likely to be thought of positively and much more. While some naming websites exist to help show how popular a name is, what its origin is and what it means, none yet consider how individuals with these names fare in the real world.

Social media and Big Data give new insight into names. Our tool uses Big Data (such as prison records), semantic analysis (such as estimating the positivity or negativity of a name through usage on Twitter), controlled scientific research (such as experiments and questionnaires), and complex predictive inference models (such as predicting future name frequency). Taken together, these measures provide a unique vantage point for parents-to-be to decide on one of the hardest questions they must answer: "What do we name our child?"

Our Team

A software engineer at Google, he has founded four startups, including Daedalus - a patented visual search and exploration engine, and Equibit - using the blockchain for stock (which has received an initial angel investment of $150,000). Brent is the primary developer. He has a toddler who is a year and a half old.
A professor in the Kelley School of Business, Alan has founded five academic, tech, startup companies including Courseload, which has received over $10 million in venture funding. His two most recent start-ups received NSF SBIR or STTR funding.
Created the semantic model BEAGLE, used to analyze semantic associations. An early career NSF award winner, he has many years of experience with language and Big Data. He has two children, 5 and 2 year old.
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